Hi there.

Welcome to the dark, damp corner of the internet that I have roped off and called my home. It is where I collect some things that I have done and others that interest me – there is my CV, a couple of projects that I have begun (but not always finished) and a blog for sporadic writing and links.

The name – omni-befuddled – comes from Buckminster Fuller, a man with a knack for inventing hyphenated words. It’s older than the internet, but I think it nails a particularly modern feeling; utter bewilderment in the face of excessive information.

On the site you will see that I am particularly interested in story-telling (A Little History Project), and with communicating difficult information (my amateur efforts at Data Visualisation). But if there is one thread that links everything here together, it is making things that fight that omni-befuddled feeling.


Tom Ding


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